11-Piece Restraint Kit

Номер: #247863193
Content: 1 light-blocking eye mask with elastic strap, 1 strap with ball gag (max. length 50 cm), collar (max. length 35 cm), 1 8-tailed whip, 2 wrist cuffs (length each approx. 25 cm), 2 ankle cuffs (length each approx. 35 cm), 2 connection straps (each 15 cm), 1 crossed strap (approx. 19 cm). All adjustable straps are approx. 10 cm wide, have an inside padding and close with velcro. The included connection straps offer a variety of fixations. Material: polypropylene (straps), polyurethane (rubber foam padding), chromed metal (eyelets), PVC (ball).


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